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Innovative systems for using on a wide range of applications

Easy installation on every type of container, regardless the size and material its build of. By the use of a ultrasonic level sensor the content can be anything. The system is among others applicable for residental waste, clothes, paper, glass, but also for wood pellets and cattle feed.

Telemerty unit

  • Autonomous level / filling degree monitoring system with internal lithium battery
  • IP 65 housing
  • 3 external sensors: glass white, green and brown on one unit.
  • Default settings are 8 measurements, with one transmission a day.
  • Max 24 measurements a day, selectable per every whole hour.
  • Max 4 transmissions a day, selectable per every whole hour.
  • Including Container Management System
  • Datatransmission via 2G or 3G by internal SIM card
  • Up to 10 years battery lifetime (when 2 packs connected)
  • Maintenance free

Ultrasonic sensor

  • For meauring solid and liquid contents
  • Range up to 7.5 meter
  • Narrow beam for interference free measuring in small containers.
  • IP 67 housing
  • Robust sensor for outside use
  • Operational temperature from -40°C up to +65°C
  • Maintenance free